Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Great Canyon.. (Thank u to our troops)

This past weekend my husband and I went to visit The Grand Canyon!
It was an awesome short trip! Although we were only there for 2 nights 1 day we were able to do everything we planed on doing and more!
When we first arrived we made it just on time (5 minutes before) a parade started. In the little
Town called “Williams” they had a parade going to support our troops!

Right after that we walked around the town checked out the little shops that had
All kinds of unique things that you don’t find anywhere else we then had a nice rib dinner
“Panchos” is officially Walter’s favorite rib place! (To bad it’s 6 hours away)

We came up with a game to play with family and friends that were willing. I grabbed
Preachers toy donut from home. The game was easy and fun! It was called:
“Can you find the Donut?”

(one of many pictures we texted.. can you find the donut?)
We would take random pictures of things or of us and hide the donut somewhere. We would
Text it to the players, they had only 5 minutes to text us back with the location of the donut.
At first it was pretty easy to spot the donut but as the game went on it got harder. We had 15
Players 1 winner! It worked out great a lot of them got totally into the game.
My friend Johanna won!!! Perfect score!!!!

Sunday we woke up early and headed to The Grand Canyon. All I have to say is.. WOW!
A place everyone needs to go and experience. It looks fake!
After walking a few miles. I realized that we could have taken a shuttle bus! I asked my husband,
“How about we experience the shuttle ride!” He said, “Sweetie we are here with are hiking shoes..
We are hiking it!”

The hike was tough but great… when we were getting ready to leave the rain started pouring. Thank God
We got there early enough to do everything we wanted to do without having the rain interfere.

We got back to “Williams Town” just on time for a comedy cowboy show! It was hilarious!
For the rest of the trip we did some shopping. I got me 2 T-shirts to remember our experience
And so did Walter. We also got our usual magnet we get from everywhere that we go, and we got
Our traditional Christmas ornament that we pick together from places we attend together.

-great trip!

I love my husband he’s awesome!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My first BEAR!

I finally got my first bear! My wonderful husband and I have never been big fan of bears! We just felt like they would be in the way and they really don’t match the decoration of our house (I know weird). But guess what!!! My husband surprised me with my first bear!! 9 years together and I finally I get a bear! It’s so cute! I seriously love it!
I have not yet named it but I think I am going to stick with Jr.
Get it Walter – so Jr. ha-ha I know cute right!
He also talks and his outfit is so so cute! He has boots!
He's a "Marine!!"
He says:
“I love you belugahead”.
(Something we call each other (don’t laugh))

Did I mention Preacher hates him and wants to eat him every time he sees him. Walter took the time to make Preacher take a picture with him. But really he goes right to him every time!
I just don’t get it. Maybe he’s jealous!

I do love my bear, but in a different way then what I love Preacher.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Fashion show (The Haven May)

We had a fashion show for the Girls Haven this month.
We are trying to show young girls how to look cute and still
In “style” but modest.

Amber – Girl night out of town wear

Bethany – Sunday morning church wear

Tam – Prom wear

Michelle – summer everyday wear

Ily – beach wear

*** We are missing the “school wear” which was very cute as well.
Over all I think it went extremely well!***