Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My first BEAR!

I finally got my first bear! My wonderful husband and I have never been big fan of bears! We just felt like they would be in the way and they really don’t match the decoration of our house (I know weird). But guess what!!! My husband surprised me with my first bear!! 9 years together and I finally I get a bear! It’s so cute! I seriously love it!
I have not yet named it but I think I am going to stick with Jr.
Get it Walter – so Jr. ha-ha I know cute right!
He also talks and his outfit is so so cute! He has boots!
He's a "Marine!!"
He says:
“I love you belugahead”.
(Something we call each other (don’t laugh))

Did I mention Preacher hates him and wants to eat him every time he sees him. Walter took the time to make Preacher take a picture with him. But really he goes right to him every time!
I just don’t get it. Maybe he’s jealous!

I do love my bear, but in a different way then what I love Preacher.

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