Friday, February 27, 2009

The day @ the Vet...

(on our way to the vet)

So I wake up Thursday morning to see, Preacher had red stuff in his dodo. First reaction to be honest… his a boy right! Wow… I called the vet and the lady that answered seemed pretty concern. She said, “Well, I think you need to make an appointment”. She then said, “If you can bring a sample of his dodo that would be great”. Um.. Okay sure why not he is my baby right.
So 3 o’clock hits and we are on our way to the vet my husband, Preacher & I. (Poor Savior was left behind crying). We get there and first thing Preacher does is, poop! Ya we say, “Good boy, we needed a sample”. We forget to get the sample at home so good thing he did it there rather then the Jeep… that would have been a long ride.
Well Preacher got caught doing what he did (poop) so the lady in the front said, “Preacher needs to wait outside”… aw.. poor Preacher he got kicked out! So there they both go Walter and Preacher outside till Preacher is called in. In no time we are in and first thing they do is take his temperature. My baby had a small fever 104.
Then comes the doctor right away he asks us what he ate. Ugh the hard part to confess… (This is the truth) Last week Thursday we had our neighbors over. We all ordered chicken wings… My neighbor put the bag of the bones outside (the front door) she said. Long story short, she put it out the back door so Preacher totally took over the bag and ate ALL the bones. The doctor said, “hm mm… where is your neighbor she needs to pay for this visit”.
(Ha I wish she would).
So they did x-rays on my baby to see if they see any bones stuck somewhere, and then they did blood work. The x-rays came out fine (NO BONES!) thank God because then that would be surgery. So today we get the results from the blood test. As for now Preacher is in a strict diet. Chicken and white rice… yummy his enjoying it. Poor Savior he still gets to eat his regular “dog food”.
So I’ll keep you all posted with the results but as for now he has a lot of medication to take. It was pretty scary… can’t imagine losing my baby.
Thanks for the prayers!
Much love & respect:
Mrs. Segura*
The sample... and the result of the sample..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First one!

Yay for me!!
this is officially my first blog! Hmm... so what should I say? This is kind of scary to be honest.. I have to get use to this whole blog thing. I am sure once I get the hang of all this I will type away and no one will be able to stop me. So I guess I can start by up-dating. For those who don’t know. I have been VERY sick. Well Sunday was when I woke up feeling a body ache. Then Monday came and pretty much the same feeling. But when Tuesday kicked in.. Total different feeling. I already have small eyes but yesterday (Tuesday) they even looked smaller! I couldn't even open them. Not to mention all the tears running down my face every 2 minutes. No, I was not crying I have really bad sinus which caused my eyes to cry. Tissue after tissue it was just ridicules! I get home after a long 9 hours (no lunch) of work to only scare myself in the mirror. Wow! I know my boss told me and I quote: “you look like a bus ran over you". But really I scared myself... make up does make a difference (thank you Mac). Anyway after I slept for what only seemed a few hours (4). My wonderful husband (Walter) agreed to drive me to his mom's house to eat some yummy shrimp soup (it's the best)! I ate an entire bowl of it... Without sharing... I love that stuff!Right when we got home off to bed I went with Savior (he loves to cuddle) while Preacher and Walter did dishes and who knows what else. I didn’t even have to count sheep I was totally in a deep sleep within seconds.This morning I feel better I mean my eyes still water but now more like every 10 minutes. But I was woken up by my husband with a warm lemon tea! Awww... how sweet! I woke up determine to put make- up on. Which I did.. now I am just trying to make it not smear but my tears are making it hard! My body is energized but my sinus is almost taking over! I am fighting, fighting strong! I have a long day ahead of me. Thanks for reading and please feel free to pray for me... that's always a blessing!

Love and Respect:
Mrs. Segura*