Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First one!

Yay for me!!
this is officially my first blog! Hmm... so what should I say? This is kind of scary to be honest.. I have to get use to this whole blog thing. I am sure once I get the hang of all this I will type away and no one will be able to stop me. So I guess I can start by up-dating. For those who don’t know. I have been VERY sick. Well Sunday was when I woke up feeling a body ache. Then Monday came and pretty much the same feeling. But when Tuesday kicked in.. Total different feeling. I already have small eyes but yesterday (Tuesday) they even looked smaller! I couldn't even open them. Not to mention all the tears running down my face every 2 minutes. No, I was not crying I have really bad sinus which caused my eyes to cry. Tissue after tissue it was just ridicules! I get home after a long 9 hours (no lunch) of work to only scare myself in the mirror. Wow! I know my boss told me and I quote: “you look like a bus ran over you". But really I scared myself... make up does make a difference (thank you Mac). Anyway after I slept for what only seemed a few hours (4). My wonderful husband (Walter) agreed to drive me to his mom's house to eat some yummy shrimp soup (it's the best)! I ate an entire bowl of it... Without sharing... I love that stuff!Right when we got home off to bed I went with Savior (he loves to cuddle) while Preacher and Walter did dishes and who knows what else. I didn’t even have to count sheep I was totally in a deep sleep within seconds.This morning I feel better I mean my eyes still water but now more like every 10 minutes. But I was woken up by my husband with a warm lemon tea! Awww... how sweet! I woke up determine to put make- up on. Which I did.. now I am just trying to make it not smear but my tears are making it hard! My body is energized but my sinus is almost taking over! I am fighting, fighting strong! I have a long day ahead of me. Thanks for reading and please feel free to pray for me... that's always a blessing!

Love and Respect:
Mrs. Segura*

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