Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Great Canyon.. (Thank u to our troops)

This past weekend my husband and I went to visit The Grand Canyon!
It was an awesome short trip! Although we were only there for 2 nights 1 day we were able to do everything we planed on doing and more!
When we first arrived we made it just on time (5 minutes before) a parade started. In the little
Town called “Williams” they had a parade going to support our troops!

Right after that we walked around the town checked out the little shops that had
All kinds of unique things that you don’t find anywhere else we then had a nice rib dinner
“Panchos” is officially Walter’s favorite rib place! (To bad it’s 6 hours away)

We came up with a game to play with family and friends that were willing. I grabbed
Preachers toy donut from home. The game was easy and fun! It was called:
“Can you find the Donut?”

(one of many pictures we texted.. can you find the donut?)
We would take random pictures of things or of us and hide the donut somewhere. We would
Text it to the players, they had only 5 minutes to text us back with the location of the donut.
At first it was pretty easy to spot the donut but as the game went on it got harder. We had 15
Players 1 winner! It worked out great a lot of them got totally into the game.
My friend Johanna won!!! Perfect score!!!!

Sunday we woke up early and headed to The Grand Canyon. All I have to say is.. WOW!
A place everyone needs to go and experience. It looks fake!
After walking a few miles. I realized that we could have taken a shuttle bus! I asked my husband,
“How about we experience the shuttle ride!” He said, “Sweetie we are here with are hiking shoes..
We are hiking it!”

The hike was tough but great… when we were getting ready to leave the rain started pouring. Thank God
We got there early enough to do everything we wanted to do without having the rain interfere.

We got back to “Williams Town” just on time for a comedy cowboy show! It was hilarious!
For the rest of the trip we did some shopping. I got me 2 T-shirts to remember our experience
And so did Walter. We also got our usual magnet we get from everywhere that we go, and we got
Our traditional Christmas ornament that we pick together from places we attend together.

-great trip!

I love my husband he’s awesome!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My first BEAR!

I finally got my first bear! My wonderful husband and I have never been big fan of bears! We just felt like they would be in the way and they really don’t match the decoration of our house (I know weird). But guess what!!! My husband surprised me with my first bear!! 9 years together and I finally I get a bear! It’s so cute! I seriously love it!
I have not yet named it but I think I am going to stick with Jr.
Get it Walter – so Jr. ha-ha I know cute right!
He also talks and his outfit is so so cute! He has boots!
He's a "Marine!!"
He says:
“I love you belugahead”.
(Something we call each other (don’t laugh))

Did I mention Preacher hates him and wants to eat him every time he sees him. Walter took the time to make Preacher take a picture with him. But really he goes right to him every time!
I just don’t get it. Maybe he’s jealous!

I do love my bear, but in a different way then what I love Preacher.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Fashion show (The Haven May)

We had a fashion show for the Girls Haven this month.
We are trying to show young girls how to look cute and still
In “style” but modest.

Amber – Girl night out of town wear

Bethany – Sunday morning church wear

Tam – Prom wear

Michelle – summer everyday wear

Ily – beach wear

*** We are missing the “school wear” which was very cute as well.
Over all I think it went extremely well!***

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bride wars!

Tuesday I was able to have my old friends from high school over to hangout and watch “Brides wars” I have to say… that movie was funny!
I loved it! We all watched it even the boys, we were all cracking up.

This is a picture of my friend Johanna. She forgot her glasses so she was pretty much blind. She had to close one eye to be able to see well. It was so funny, just watching her close one eye.

Here is a picture of Mayra her boyfriend Mikey and Rosario. As you can tell Mikey was more interested in the movie then the girls were.

And a picture of us!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Positive always wins!

Okay so today has been one of those days. I mean not a horrible day but let’s just say not the best!
My (blank blank) is being super mean and not very understanding. I was shaky because of how upset she got me. I mean going back to my desk and being able to read this great book, “Loving God with all your mind” by Elizabeth George definitely gave me a different point of view in things.
This is what Elizabeth tells us:
It does not matter what others say. I have to learn to think positive. All these horrible thoughts going threw my head are breaking me. But I have the positive and most important “true” promises of the Lord.
That’s what I need to focus my mind to.

Psalms 139:14 I am fearfully made and wonderfully made. It does not matter what others think about me.

2 Timothy 1:9 He has a great purpose for my life regardless of how the present may look.

Praise God for he’s comforting words. He speaks them to me at the most perfect time.

Let’s think positive in everything!
Philippians 4:8 (this verse has been my reminder time after time)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

4 Years!

So yesterday was our 4 year anniversary! Whoo hoo!!
Thank you God for giving me this not only handsome but
Loving, supporting, rerespectful man!
I have to say I am one lucky girl! I have the BEST husband in the

Walter called me in the morning saying,

“Babe today we are doing night time shooting, I’ll be at work late”.
I mean other then the fact that it was our anniversary I really took the news well. We did’t plan on doing much but go to church since it was Wednesday.

I get to church 7ish hits and I get a phone call.. Walter again:
“Baby I got off earlier then expected, come home I have a surprise for you!”.

Wow.. what could it be?! Part of me was hoping it was dinner… I was starving!

I get home to:

My husband waiting for me outside opening the door from my car
Being funny and saying,
“Welcome Madam” (as he takes my hand)
I walk in and I see some beautiful flowers on the table.. May I add already in a vase and water for me.
Awe.. I love the smell of fresh flowers!

And then!
I see a home cooked meal from my wonderful husband!
Yummy!! Let’s eat!!
Steak, Rice and pasta!

So basically he did not stay late from work. As a matter of fact he got home earlier to set everything up!
Totally sweet! It was just perfect!
4 wonderful years of a happy marriage and many more to go!

-Till death do us apart-

I got him an iPhone.. He loved it!

Mrs. Segura*

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So it’s been forever since I've logged on! Wow just been busy with everything else around me.
But a quick few updates!

I went to South Dakota with my church group! The trip was a blessing the Lord did great works! The Lord showed me so many different things in this trip!


So I am officially allowing my hair to grow out. I am over the shortness. I got some long extensions for the mean time till my natural hair grows out.

Long extensions!

I hung out with my long lost friend from high school Mayra. Her and her boyfriend Miguel joined me and my wonderful husband to San Diego for a motorcycle stunt show.
It was nice and warm. What a perfect Saturday.
Me & Mayra
Sunday my family and I hung out at my Aunt and Uncle’s house. We cooked and played board games. It was so nice to be all together. We took a few pictures of the craziness that went on.
My little sister Rochie and me and the girl group picture!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

No tacos!

So Michelle and Kevin (KC) came over a few nights ago to watch a great movie,
“The boy in the strip Pijamas”
It is a great movie totally recommond it to anyone. It has a great story to it. I would talk about it more but it makes me sad (but it is still a great movie).
So Walter busted out the grill and made some yummy carne asada tacos! Kevin right away complained about how he did not want tacos, but just the carne asada. Although we FROCED him to eat the tacos we gave him some meat to take home.
Bright and early he scared me with this picture:

This was my reaction to the picture:

So I guess he really liked the carne asada!
Thank you God for these GREAT friends…

Extra mayo please...

Okay so I was extremely hungry at work one day, as I emailed my sister Jennie she asked;

(This is my sister Jennie)

“So what are you having for lunch”?
Since I was starving I already knew exactly what I wanted:
Carl’s Jr.
Famous star with cheese & EXTRA mayo
Regular small fries
And yummy Strawberry Fanta!
Right away she said,
EWWW!!!! Ily who ask for EXTRA mayo? That is gross and really bad for you.
HA! (I laughed) I love mayo I even add it to my pizza as an extra topping. (yes this is true)
Please don’t judge me ENDLESS you have tried it for yourself… It is life changing!
Anyway so I said,
“You know Jen how in the Carl’s Jr commercials they say, “if it does not get all over the place it does not belong in your face”… (then they show the ketchup dripping from the burger) well I like
it when the mayo drips from my burger…”!

(yummy EXTRA MAYO)

Ewww… said my sister once again…. Ur gross and your going to get fat!
Anyway so lunch time came around and I had just that. I wanted to show it off to my sister so I sent her A little picture of my lunch. I have to say… it was yummy just what I expected!

Friday, March 27, 2009

mommy, mom & wife..

I wanted to brag about my boys. I just want to add being the only girl in a 3 bedroom house is not always a bad thing.

I mean I am a "mommy" to Savior (he’s the baby). Savior follows me around the house every where I go. I can be cleaning the living room for a few minutes and he will be sure to make himself conferrable and lay as close to me as possible. When I get home from work he is the first to wiggle he’s tail. I even get a nice, big, juicy, kiss:

As for Preacher “the older brother” or better yet the “Alpha” dog. I guess I am just a “mom” to him. He is not very loving nor likes to cuddle. He tends to forget he’s not human, and truly believes he’s the boss. He is a very smart boy though he normally get’s whatever he wants. He just has a way of convienceing he’s dad (that would be Walter).
Even though I say, “Walter your dog is, OUT OF CONTROL”!
Over all he is a good boy and At least he prays:

And of course Walter, I am a best friend, friend, wife and my favorite “His Princess” to this man. I love him dearly. We get along great. He can always depend on me to have he’s lunch ready before it’s time to go to work. I worry more about making things easier for him then for myself. I guess that’s a rule of a wife to “serve her husband”.

Overall it is a blessing to have all these wonderful boys in my life… I really can’t imageine having another girl around the house… Right now I get all the attention!

The mommy, mom & wife:

Pretty in Pink

Walter and I were invited to a baby shower.

she is having a baby girl. We both decided it

would be super cute to wear the color of the

party. So we wore Pink! we got a lot of compliments

for our fabulous idea. The soon to be daddy of the shower

got called out for not being "man" enough to wear pink.

Overall it was a great shower, everything looked so pretty

and well organized. I got some great ideas for my shower

(in a few years of course).

Hair & cup cakes!

So I needed my hair done really badly, part of it was looking light brown, others darker and some even GREEN! I had no other option but to ask my great friend Michelle (A.K.A Shaka) for assistance. Michelle said she had only done hair one time before. That to me sounded like an expert! (taking the fact that I’ve never done hair period) She agreed to do it. I promise I was not scared I felt right about this.
Okay so here is Michelle getting ready for the surgery, no I mean ready to dye my hair.

Here is a picture of Michelle getting ready…

After a whole hour (or more) of seating on a chair this is the results:

All I asked Michelle was not to get my shirt dirty… (that didn’t go well)

I had to let it sit for 30 Minutes. While waiting we decided to make cupcakes! I do want to make it clear, I made the MIX, Michelle POURED the mix on the cupcake cup things.
We put them in the oven for a few minutes while I got in the shower.

These are the results of my hair and the cupcakes…

I have to say my hair came out better.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The chase...

Okay So it’s about 1:50PM time to go back to work.
I drive out of my street onto Main Street. I notice this
White Toyota following me. I decide to switch lanes to see the reaction
Of the white Toyota. The white Toyota switches lanes as well. Hmmm… I thought to myself is this really happening right now? I decide to switch lanes again and yep without a doubt the Toyota follows me again. Right away I decide I should not go to back to work. I don’t want this stranger to know where I work. Okay so after a few minutes of driving around I decided to stop by a Mexican market (no offense but this guy was white, what does a white guy need from a Mexican market right). I still didn't know if this man was following me, well to my surprise he goes into the market also! I park and he’s parking.. I get out of my car fast to go inside the store. I wanted to be around people. Okay so I am inside the store, now what? I go straight to the Mexican candy. I get a handful and go pay. In no time this man is behind me. As I was leaving I hear the man tell the cashier lady, ”I’ll be right back”. Okay so this freaked me out! All of a sudden as I am leaving he needs to leave as well. Very quickly I make a circle and go back inside the store. I was able to get a good glance at the guy. I can totally identify him in a line up. When I see him coming back in that’s then I jam out and speed away. Wow! I made it to work 11 minutes late. But let me tell you, that was a scary moment.

Thank God all is good.
Husband said, we need to tint my windows!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The baby..

The baby is finally here. My poor sister–in–law has been pregnant for way to long! She had so much pain. She was totally ready to give birth to her baby boy. I have to admit I was pretty excited for him to come out as well I was almost losing it.

I was extremely excited because, I was actually part of the entire pregnancy. With her first baby, Walter and I were only dating so I was never over the house or anything. But this time I was even the first one to give the baby a gift.. (a baby bible) and I was the first one at the hospital as a visitor.
It’s been really exciting… It’s gonna be great to watch him grow!
I know for sure he’s going to LOVE me!
I can already hear… auntie Ily… can I have ice cream.. and I will always say YES!!!
Danny Jr. Segura
Born: March 16, 2009
Time: 9:45pm
Location: Riverside Community Hospital
Weight & Length: 6.14lbs 18inch

Auntie Ily


My family and I have been playing a little bit of soccer for the past few weeks. At first Walter and I just went to go and do something active.
Turns out we had so much fun that we have been going back!

We actually even have official teams! This past Sunday it was
Boys VS. Girls!

Happy to say the girls and my uncle (he’s on our team) Won!
We scored goal after goal… 18-6 was the final score!
At the end we all took a great big team picture!

It was fun!!
Oh and some little boy went up to my uncle randomly and said,
“I have some almost new soccer shoes I don’t use. If they fit one of your players they can have them”.

Guess what!!
They fit ME and they are super nice!! I am so excited I got some free soccer shoes! I am about 89% of really finding a soccer team. I love playing and I haven’t since high school… it’s about time I go back! Plus keeps me in good shape!

Bath time!

Preacher and Savior are the best doggies ever!
Husband and I have officially agreed to this statement.
They are good they love to cuddle they listen (when they want to).
They are trained to poop and pee outside (but they never pick up after themselves).
We love our boys and we plan on having them forever and ever.
But they do lack on one thing:

It’s always a drag to give them there 2 week bath. I have to chase them around and then actually carry them to the tub. Preacher is a pretty big boy it’s gonna get to the point where I no longer will be able
to bath him. Savior does not run from me but he does get scared and at times he has accidents… ugh my boys gotta love em.



Friday, March 13, 2009


Yay another game night at our house! Well husband and I
Love having people over and we love playing games! I mean
We go from the WII to the bored games, to the Foosball table…
It’s crazy! I am really excited! A few friends from church are coming and my great old friend and her husband are coming.. We go way back
Since the Marine Corps… I love her, her name is Gisele. We went through her first and my second deployment together… (when our husbands were in Iraq) It was great knowing I had someone
Who I can call and cry to and know that she knew just how I was feeling. Anyway so I can’t wait till this day of WORK is over!! It’s been never ending. I guess taking my lunch at 12 really made a difference. I normally go at 1PM so I only have a few more hours of work.

Did I mention I am VERY thankful to have a job right now.


Monday, March 9, 2009


So today is Monday… and the time is all different.
I think my body is feeling it. It was so hard to wake
up this morning! Work has been crazy busy all morning & all day!
But I just got some great news and it makes me happy…
So I thought I’d share how Happy I am…

God is good so very faithful!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Complain after compalin..

So yesterday I kept telling myself what a horrible day I had. I mean just
so much going on. I just kept saying... okay so what's next Lord?
I mean at the same time I was excited for the outcome I knew something Great
would happen after all these things going on. I just kept on telling myself God is
good his Faithful. But It seemed hard.
So this morning as I prayed to my Jesus he gave me a wake up call...
Ily, if you think you had a bad day yesterday imagine what kind of bad day Paul had..
I have to admit I cant complain he wins! My day was just not the way I wanted it to
go, it was the way Jesus wanted it to go... and it was my innerself not approving.
Why? why do we do that? God loves us he knows what's best for us!
I have to say Sorry Jesus!

Paul's bad day...
2 Corinthians 11:23-27

Have a good day...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Thank you all for the prayers and the support!

Sunday evening at church my husband Walter about 10mins before the service ended whispered to me… “I am not feeling well” hmmm… Okay, “well let’s go home I’ll drive”. “I don’t think I can walk!”... (That got my heart pumping) If you know my husband his not the type to be “weak” his very brave and strong… so for him to say that it was just a shock to me.
He finally gets up. As we walk outside I see our friends Nick and Allison. Right away I say, “Nick can you pray for Walter his not feeling well”. Him and a few other guys get around him and are ready to pray; Allison grabs me and prays with me as well. In short time Walter starts panicking. He says his getting cold and his heart is beating to fast! He finally decides he needs to go to the hospital! As we walk to the car he gets on his knee’s and says, “Call the ambulance!!” Okay at this point I am in tears not sure what I am to do for him. Allison calls for help. After millions of questions they finally arrive. Right away they start the regular routine, asking questions etc… As I am just waiting with Michelle and Allison a lot of people come up to me and pray and offer me water and who knows what else. It was all a blur I just had my eyes focus on my husband.
Finally we all go to the Emergency room to wait... Give them 10 minutes”, says the receptionist lady. In no time Walter’s parents arrive and as I expected his mom was crying and freaking out just like I was at church.
After a few hours of waiting in the waiting room… Finally we were able to go home. The entire test (blood and x-rays) came out normal. What the doctor said it might be is some pre work-out stuff Walter takes before going to the gym. It’s called “N O Explode”. It just gives you more energy and helps you have a “better” work-out.
Walter promised he will NEVER take that stuff again and also said he will not be going to the gym EVERYDAY. He truly believes it was a wake - up call from God.
His doing fine now just resting.

Once again thank you for all the support and all the prayers we are truly blessed to have awesome friends!

So this is Kevin.. Helping the time go by fast by playing a few games of “Hang man”

The crew waiting & Vince he was very tired!

Road trip to L.A.X

Okay so Michelle and I had this GREAT idea to surprise our friend Erin and pick her up from the airport at L.A X.
Erin had been gone for an entire MONTH! So we wanted her “welcome home” to be the best welcome home ever! So the day before, Michelle and I made signs…
“We love you Erin”…. “Welcome Home”… Stuff like that. The signs came out great.
So Erin was to arrive at the airport at 12:20PM. So I am a very slow driver and I freak out on the Fwy so I wanted to go early just to be safe. I got to Michelle’s apartment at 9:45ish and off we went. Little did we know that Erin’s flight was going to get pros pond! (Very big technical problems) is what they said. We found out when we were about half way to L.A.X so no turning back. As Michelle was playing with “Mrs. Navi” (my navigation system) trying to find a mall to waste time at… I drove and drove and drove! We ended up hanging out at a book store (maybe Barnes & Noble) I don’t remember. I was able to do my homework while Michelle looked at “Wedding stuff” (KC she’s already planning FYI). We soon drove back to L.A.X and waited for EVER for Erin to come out. She finally came and we surprised her. (She didn’t cry like I thought she would) but she did scream like Michelle said she would. (Guess best friends just know each other huh). It was a long drive home (way too much traffic). We stopped at Red Robin for lunch then I drove everyone home… Well Michelle went to my house but anyway.. What a great adventure with my two great friends!!

Welcome home Erin!!!”

Friday, February 27, 2009

The day @ the Vet...

(on our way to the vet)

So I wake up Thursday morning to see, Preacher had red stuff in his dodo. First reaction to be honest… his a boy right! Wow… I called the vet and the lady that answered seemed pretty concern. She said, “Well, I think you need to make an appointment”. She then said, “If you can bring a sample of his dodo that would be great”. Um.. Okay sure why not he is my baby right.
So 3 o’clock hits and we are on our way to the vet my husband, Preacher & I. (Poor Savior was left behind crying). We get there and first thing Preacher does is, poop! Ya we say, “Good boy, we needed a sample”. We forget to get the sample at home so good thing he did it there rather then the Jeep… that would have been a long ride.
Well Preacher got caught doing what he did (poop) so the lady in the front said, “Preacher needs to wait outside”… aw.. poor Preacher he got kicked out! So there they both go Walter and Preacher outside till Preacher is called in. In no time we are in and first thing they do is take his temperature. My baby had a small fever 104.
Then comes the doctor right away he asks us what he ate. Ugh the hard part to confess… (This is the truth) Last week Thursday we had our neighbors over. We all ordered chicken wings… My neighbor put the bag of the bones outside (the front door) she said. Long story short, she put it out the back door so Preacher totally took over the bag and ate ALL the bones. The doctor said, “hm mm… where is your neighbor she needs to pay for this visit”.
(Ha I wish she would).
So they did x-rays on my baby to see if they see any bones stuck somewhere, and then they did blood work. The x-rays came out fine (NO BONES!) thank God because then that would be surgery. So today we get the results from the blood test. As for now Preacher is in a strict diet. Chicken and white rice… yummy his enjoying it. Poor Savior he still gets to eat his regular “dog food”.
So I’ll keep you all posted with the results but as for now he has a lot of medication to take. It was pretty scary… can’t imagine losing my baby.
Thanks for the prayers!
Much love & respect:
Mrs. Segura*
The sample... and the result of the sample..