Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Thank you all for the prayers and the support!

Sunday evening at church my husband Walter about 10mins before the service ended whispered to me… “I am not feeling well” hmmm… Okay, “well let’s go home I’ll drive”. “I don’t think I can walk!”... (That got my heart pumping) If you know my husband his not the type to be “weak” his very brave and strong… so for him to say that it was just a shock to me.
He finally gets up. As we walk outside I see our friends Nick and Allison. Right away I say, “Nick can you pray for Walter his not feeling well”. Him and a few other guys get around him and are ready to pray; Allison grabs me and prays with me as well. In short time Walter starts panicking. He says his getting cold and his heart is beating to fast! He finally decides he needs to go to the hospital! As we walk to the car he gets on his knee’s and says, “Call the ambulance!!” Okay at this point I am in tears not sure what I am to do for him. Allison calls for help. After millions of questions they finally arrive. Right away they start the regular routine, asking questions etc… As I am just waiting with Michelle and Allison a lot of people come up to me and pray and offer me water and who knows what else. It was all a blur I just had my eyes focus on my husband.
Finally we all go to the Emergency room to wait... Give them 10 minutes”, says the receptionist lady. In no time Walter’s parents arrive and as I expected his mom was crying and freaking out just like I was at church.
After a few hours of waiting in the waiting room… Finally we were able to go home. The entire test (blood and x-rays) came out normal. What the doctor said it might be is some pre work-out stuff Walter takes before going to the gym. It’s called “N O Explode”. It just gives you more energy and helps you have a “better” work-out.
Walter promised he will NEVER take that stuff again and also said he will not be going to the gym EVERYDAY. He truly believes it was a wake - up call from God.
His doing fine now just resting.

Once again thank you for all the support and all the prayers we are truly blessed to have awesome friends!

So this is Kevin.. Helping the time go by fast by playing a few games of “Hang man”

The crew waiting & Vince he was very tired!


  1. Very Glad everything is okay!

  2. Glad to hear Walter is ok! And welcome to the world of blogging!! =)

  3. i can finally comment on this thing.
    well it was a fun night despite the circumstanceS!i'm glad we were all there to keep you company and to entertain you :D