Saturday, March 28, 2009

Extra mayo please...

Okay so I was extremely hungry at work one day, as I emailed my sister Jennie she asked;

(This is my sister Jennie)

“So what are you having for lunch”?
Since I was starving I already knew exactly what I wanted:
Carl’s Jr.
Famous star with cheese & EXTRA mayo
Regular small fries
And yummy Strawberry Fanta!
Right away she said,
EWWW!!!! Ily who ask for EXTRA mayo? That is gross and really bad for you.
HA! (I laughed) I love mayo I even add it to my pizza as an extra topping. (yes this is true)
Please don’t judge me ENDLESS you have tried it for yourself… It is life changing!
Anyway so I said,
“You know Jen how in the Carl’s Jr commercials they say, “if it does not get all over the place it does not belong in your face”… (then they show the ketchup dripping from the burger) well I like
it when the mayo drips from my burger…”!

(yummy EXTRA MAYO)

Ewww… said my sister once again…. Ur gross and your going to get fat!
Anyway so lunch time came around and I had just that. I wanted to show it off to my sister so I sent her A little picture of my lunch. I have to say… it was yummy just what I expected!

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