Friday, March 27, 2009

mommy, mom & wife..

I wanted to brag about my boys. I just want to add being the only girl in a 3 bedroom house is not always a bad thing.

I mean I am a "mommy" to Savior (he’s the baby). Savior follows me around the house every where I go. I can be cleaning the living room for a few minutes and he will be sure to make himself conferrable and lay as close to me as possible. When I get home from work he is the first to wiggle he’s tail. I even get a nice, big, juicy, kiss:

As for Preacher “the older brother” or better yet the “Alpha” dog. I guess I am just a “mom” to him. He is not very loving nor likes to cuddle. He tends to forget he’s not human, and truly believes he’s the boss. He is a very smart boy though he normally get’s whatever he wants. He just has a way of convienceing he’s dad (that would be Walter).
Even though I say, “Walter your dog is, OUT OF CONTROL”!
Over all he is a good boy and At least he prays:

And of course Walter, I am a best friend, friend, wife and my favorite “His Princess” to this man. I love him dearly. We get along great. He can always depend on me to have he’s lunch ready before it’s time to go to work. I worry more about making things easier for him then for myself. I guess that’s a rule of a wife to “serve her husband”.

Overall it is a blessing to have all these wonderful boys in my life… I really can’t imageine having another girl around the house… Right now I get all the attention!

The mommy, mom & wife:

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