Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My family and I have been playing a little bit of soccer for the past few weeks. At first Walter and I just went to go and do something active.
Turns out we had so much fun that we have been going back!

We actually even have official teams! This past Sunday it was
Boys VS. Girls!

Happy to say the girls and my uncle (he’s on our team) Won!
We scored goal after goal… 18-6 was the final score!
At the end we all took a great big team picture!

It was fun!!
Oh and some little boy went up to my uncle randomly and said,
“I have some almost new soccer shoes I don’t use. If they fit one of your players they can have them”.

Guess what!!
They fit ME and they are super nice!! I am so excited I got some free soccer shoes! I am about 89% of really finding a soccer team. I love playing and I haven’t since high school… it’s about time I go back! Plus keeps me in good shape!

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