Saturday, March 28, 2009

No tacos!

So Michelle and Kevin (KC) came over a few nights ago to watch a great movie,
“The boy in the strip Pijamas”
It is a great movie totally recommond it to anyone. It has a great story to it. I would talk about it more but it makes me sad (but it is still a great movie).
So Walter busted out the grill and made some yummy carne asada tacos! Kevin right away complained about how he did not want tacos, but just the carne asada. Although we FROCED him to eat the tacos we gave him some meat to take home.
Bright and early he scared me with this picture:

This was my reaction to the picture:

So I guess he really liked the carne asada!
Thank you God for these GREAT friends…

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  1. I had to post a comment on this pic of KC. I am sorry you had to wake up to that, but I know that it totally woke you up!!!