Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Road trip to L.A.X

Okay so Michelle and I had this GREAT idea to surprise our friend Erin and pick her up from the airport at L.A X.
Erin had been gone for an entire MONTH! So we wanted her “welcome home” to be the best welcome home ever! So the day before, Michelle and I made signs…
“We love you Erin”…. “Welcome Home”… Stuff like that. The signs came out great.
So Erin was to arrive at the airport at 12:20PM. So I am a very slow driver and I freak out on the Fwy so I wanted to go early just to be safe. I got to Michelle’s apartment at 9:45ish and off we went. Little did we know that Erin’s flight was going to get pros pond! (Very big technical problems) is what they said. We found out when we were about half way to L.A.X so no turning back. As Michelle was playing with “Mrs. Navi” (my navigation system) trying to find a mall to waste time at… I drove and drove and drove! We ended up hanging out at a book store (maybe Barnes & Noble) I don’t remember. I was able to do my homework while Michelle looked at “Wedding stuff” (KC she’s already planning FYI). We soon drove back to L.A.X and waited for EVER for Erin to come out. She finally came and we surprised her. (She didn’t cry like I thought she would) but she did scream like Michelle said she would. (Guess best friends just know each other huh). It was a long drive home (way too much traffic). We stopped at Red Robin for lunch then I drove everyone home… Well Michelle went to my house but anyway.. What a great adventure with my two great friends!!

Welcome home Erin!!!”

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  1. the pics came out nice! :)
    i'm glad we went and surprised her!