Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The chase...

Okay So it’s about 1:50PM time to go back to work.
I drive out of my street onto Main Street. I notice this
White Toyota following me. I decide to switch lanes to see the reaction
Of the white Toyota. The white Toyota switches lanes as well. Hmmm… I thought to myself is this really happening right now? I decide to switch lanes again and yep without a doubt the Toyota follows me again. Right away I decide I should not go to back to work. I don’t want this stranger to know where I work. Okay so after a few minutes of driving around I decided to stop by a Mexican market (no offense but this guy was white, what does a white guy need from a Mexican market right). I still didn't know if this man was following me, well to my surprise he goes into the market also! I park and he’s parking.. I get out of my car fast to go inside the store. I wanted to be around people. Okay so I am inside the store, now what? I go straight to the Mexican candy. I get a handful and go pay. In no time this man is behind me. As I was leaving I hear the man tell the cashier lady, ”I’ll be right back”. Okay so this freaked me out! All of a sudden as I am leaving he needs to leave as well. Very quickly I make a circle and go back inside the store. I was able to get a good glance at the guy. I can totally identify him in a line up. When I see him coming back in that’s then I jam out and speed away. Wow! I made it to work 11 minutes late. But let me tell you, that was a scary moment.

Thank God all is good.
Husband said, we need to tint my windows!


  1. wow! that's intense! i am glad you got away!

  2. looks like walter will be getting you a new present...and no, it is not tinted windows....

  3. Yes Liz it was intense heart was beating faster then normal for sure. Kc please dont give Walter any crazy ideas!
    Freaky indeed!!