Thursday, April 23, 2009

4 Years!

So yesterday was our 4 year anniversary! Whoo hoo!!
Thank you God for giving me this not only handsome but
Loving, supporting, rerespectful man!
I have to say I am one lucky girl! I have the BEST husband in the

Walter called me in the morning saying,

“Babe today we are doing night time shooting, I’ll be at work late”.
I mean other then the fact that it was our anniversary I really took the news well. We did’t plan on doing much but go to church since it was Wednesday.

I get to church 7ish hits and I get a phone call.. Walter again:
“Baby I got off earlier then expected, come home I have a surprise for you!”.

Wow.. what could it be?! Part of me was hoping it was dinner… I was starving!

I get home to:

My husband waiting for me outside opening the door from my car
Being funny and saying,
“Welcome Madam” (as he takes my hand)
I walk in and I see some beautiful flowers on the table.. May I add already in a vase and water for me.
Awe.. I love the smell of fresh flowers!

And then!
I see a home cooked meal from my wonderful husband!
Yummy!! Let’s eat!!
Steak, Rice and pasta!

So basically he did not stay late from work. As a matter of fact he got home earlier to set everything up!
Totally sweet! It was just perfect!
4 wonderful years of a happy marriage and many more to go!

-Till death do us apart-

I got him an iPhone.. He loved it!

Mrs. Segura*

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